The status.ox.ac.uk system monitors the availability of a number of IT services provided by the University of Oxford. These are grouped into expandable categories with colour coding for an easy overview.

  • If no problems have been detected all services will be marked as 'Up' and the top banner will say “Systems running smoothly”.* If one of the services monitored is unable to be reached it is marked as 'Down' and the category marked as 'Partial'. In this case the top banner will say “Some problems reported”.
  • If every service in a category is 'Down' then the entire category is marked as 'Down'.
  • If every category is marked as 'Down' then the top banner will say “Major problems reported”.

Any such monitoring service has inherent limitations and something may marked as 'Up' because the service is running while certain aspects of it remain unavailable to users. Conversely something may be incorrectly marked as 'Down' because of a change in service configuration of which the monitoring system is unaware.

To see the status of individual services, or which services are monitored, users may click on a category to expand or collapse it. Announcements from service owners are available on the right-hand. Both these announcements and the status of individual services may be scheduled in advance through the administrative interface.

API and feeds

Both announcements and "live" status information are available in different formats, ready to be re-used in your systems.

All feeds and API calls are cached for 60 seconds.

Live status information

The format is (of course) identical between the JSON and JSONP feed, it is quite self explanatory and reflects the organisation of the front page: groups contain services, a group having a calculated status depending on the state of services.

status_code can have three different values:

  • 0 means "Up"
  • 1 means "Partial"
  • 2 means "Down"


An example widget has been produced by InfoDev which uses the jsonp API and depends on jQuery.

Announcements information

Architecture overview

This application is running with Django, live status information is provided by Nagios.

Developed by the Mobile Oxford team from IT Services.


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